233 2nd Ave SW Carmel 46032
3rd St and the Monon Trail

Dog Daycare

At Happy Dog, we love to see your pup happy and having fun! What better way to provide that than to bring your pooch for daycare visits during your busy week? Or, if your dog is a guest in the hotel, he or she can opt to play with other friendly pups in our bright and airy daycare.

Daycare does not require any testing before his or her visit. We’ll ask you a few questions at check in and introduce and monitor each pup closely. Our mindful and caring staff will ensure that each pup plays nicely and has a great time!

Dog Daycare Rates:

Full day$30
Half day$18
Packages of 10 visits:$26 per day
 $14 per half day
Vaccinations required: Bordatella (6mos.), Rabies, DHPP