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Smoking Around Dogs – What Harm Does It Cause?

Smoking around dogs

No matter how you choose to spend your time, your dog’s health and safety should always be top of mind. Some of your habits might even be affecting your dog’s quality of life. Take smoking for example.

Smoking is bad for us - we know that. However, there can be aspects of this habit that are easier to overlook than others. For instance, most pet owners who smoke don’t realize the risks to their pets. Just as it is harmful to humans, second-hand smoke can have dangerous effects on the lung capacity of your pet. In fact, some studies suggest that second-hand smoke could almost double the cancer risk for your pet. Yes, double!

What can you do to keep your pet healthy? If you cannot quit smoking, there are some very simple things you can to do mitigate this risk.

Limit exposure

The easiest way to help your pet is to limit the smoke exposure as much as you can. If quitting is not an option, then stop smoking when you are close by your dog. After you smoke, be sure and wash your hands so no tobacco or nicotine residue gets on any part of your dog.

Set smoke-free areas

The next thing you can do is to designate your home and car as car smoke-free areas. Find a place outside where you can smoke that has plenty of ventilation, and take every effort to limit the amount of exposure for your pet as often as you can.

Considering e-cigarettes

If you are using e-cigarettes, keep in mind that the vapor can still be harmful to your pet. Though the levels of nicotine and other chemicals may be less than a normal cigarette, take care to follow the same guidelines for your pet’s health.

It’s not just smoking, either. Think about each of your habits and how they might be affecting the quality of life for your dog. The health of your pet is, and should be, should be top of mind. Be willing to make the necessary changes to keep your dog – and you! – happy and healthy.

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