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How to Tell if Your Dog is Happy

How to Tell if Your Dog is Happy

There is just something really special about the unconditional love of dog. There’s something about that unbridled energy that bursts out when you get home, or the joy evident when you’re playing catch or running around together.

Dogs just make us happy. Wouldn’t it be great to return the favor? What are the things you do to help make your dog happy? Before we dive in, let us just say – the things that make your dog happy are going to be different for everyone. These are the basics. Master these, and you’ll be well on your way to a happy dog.

  1. Set a routine

  2. A routine is a good thing – Dog’s quickly fall into and fully respect a routine. Feed and walk at the same time every day. Place crates or bedding in the same place and create sleep schedules that are followed as closely as possible.
  3. Share the love

  4. When dogs are displaying love for you, they are simply looking for it in return. Take time to get down on their level and return the favor – petting, ear-scratching, tummy rubs are perfect. Their joy and affection is their way of welcoming you and expressing love. Find the right way to give it right back!
  5. Find that one magic thing

  6. Every dog has one activity that they love more than any other. You know what I’m talking about. One of my friends had a dog who would jump up and down anytime he heard the words “Car ride.” That’s all it took! It didn’t matter what context those words were said, the dog just knew what they meant.

Even if you haven’t found it yet, your dog has that one thing that is fun beyond fun for them. Find it and pick select times to offer that treat. You will bring a puppy-like smile – and probably barking, tail wagging, and more happiness signs! - every single time.

Being aware and in tune with your pet is the first step to happiness for both you and your dog. Keep tabs on what they enjoy, how they react to their routines, and how they behave around you and your family. What makes your dog happy is on display regularly. Keep your dog happy, and you’ll be happy too!

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