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How to keep dogs cool in the summer


It’s summer. It's hot. And if you think it is hot for you, imagine how it feels for your dog!

Be on the lookout for what your dog is trying to tell you this summer. Though dogs have a natural way of cooling off by panting, they don't sweat and can overheat when it’s too hot outside. So, they still need your help and attention in the warmth of summer months to stay cool and comfortable.

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you care for your pet this summer.

Water is life: Keep water readily available

Having water readily available sounds obvious, but it’s worth repeating because it’s such a priority in the summer. Be sure to have water handy and visible for your dog. Place the water a consistent location, and be sure to clean the dish and refresh the water often. Dogs have a keen sense of taste, and may avoid water that is stale or old. It’s a good idea to get into the habit of changing water each day.

If you leave your dog outside for any period of time, be sure water is available and shade is readily accessible.

A walk in park: Spend some time off the hot sidewalk

How much should you walk your dog in the summer? Dogs love to play and be outside. Take them for walks and let them burn off excess energy as much as they – and you - would like.

If you often walk on sidewalks or streets, be sure to give your dog some time on the grass. Their paws will warm quickly on hot surfaces, and the cool grass is a welcome relief from that heat. Your dog may even guide you to the grass for a rest from the hot sidewalk or pavement.

During your walk, pay close attention to the pace of your dog and the amount of panting. You will know how much further to go and when rest is needed by your dog’s behavior and energy level. Let them set the pace.


Summer is the perfect time to have your dog cleaned and groomed. Consider looking into a seasonal grooming to help cool off your dog and rock some summer style – we can help you here.

Summer is filled with a new set of routines and schedules. Your dog will respond and adjust to those schedules as you do. When you pay attention to your dog’s behavior and take care to prevent overheating, you can fill the dog days of summer with laughter and fun times together.

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