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Dogs and Fireworks: How to Keep Your Dog Happy on the 4th of July

dogs and fireworks

We all enjoy the 4th of July, especially here in Indy. It’s a time for cookouts and picnics with your friends and family, parades on the main street in your town, a visit to your community fireworks display, and countless other fun summer activities.

Regardless of how calm your dog normally is, their hearing and smell are going to be on overload over the 4th. And with all that good smelling food and the mysterious overhead booms, who can blame them? There is a chance your dog will be scared by the commotion. What can you do to help?

How to help dogs scared of fireworks

First, if you notice any signs of a behavior change, be sure and acknowledge the fear. You might want to put a leash on your dog near you. Gain control over the situation by showing your pet that you will be there and offer care.

If the amount of fear displayed is dramatic, it might be best to remove your dog from the situation. Remember that fear is real to dogs, just as it is for us. Help them see that the situation is manageable. Don’t ignore their responses or simply try to soothe them – sometimes, the anxiety can just be too much.

Finally, if you are shooting off your own fireworks, be sure to keep them away from all your pets before, during, and after the festivities. Many fireworks resemble sticks, and the powder inside the fireworks can be harmful if they start chewing. No need for your dog to plan a game of fetch with a bottle rocket, eh?

Avoid sneaking your dog table scraps at the picnic

Feed your dog at regular times and be sure not to allow them scraps from the table. A dog’s diet is important to his health, and the temptations to graze at the bounty of your picnic will be strong. (Very strong.) Try to match that strength, and don’t give in to the puppy eyes longing for leftover food. Help keep your dog healthy and his behavior in check.

As you savor everything this holiday has to offer, keep an eye out for the needs of your dog.

And a happy fourth of July from all of us at Happy Dog ☺

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